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From The Desk of David Walsh
Tuesday 10.36 am
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Hi there,Have you ever…
  • Purchased WishList Member and are now stuck wondering how to set it up properly?
  • Wished someone could walk you through Step-by-Step to set up your site quickly and easily?
  • Been stuck wondering how you can get your membership site just done already?
  • Wondered if your site is set up properly, and your content is totally safe from others “stealing” it?
  • Wanted a complete training on WishList for a staff member, so they can set up your sites for you?

Well, if you’ve answered yes to any of these, then you’re in the right place!

Setting Sites Up Quickly Can Be Real Pain

Now we all know WishList Member is perhaps the best Membership Site software on the market. We also know that WishList is also great for setting up Secure Sites for making sure our content is safe from anyone stealing it.

But because WishList is so flexible and can do so many things, the options of how you can set up your site can be overwhelming, to say the least.


Do you…

  • Have the content showing?
  • Have content hidden?
  • Have “teaser” content?
  • Have upsells?
  • Give them a Free Trial; or
  • Have them pay from the beginning..?

This list goes on and on and on… The possibilities are endless – and that can be the problem!

Setting up WishList Member the way you want can not only be very complicated but also be overwhelming…

Proper Step-By-Step Training Is Hard To Find…

WishList Certified SpecialistAs a Certified WishList Specialist and Website Specialist, I’ve actually been working online for over 14 years. I started when the internet Dinosaurs were roaming the World Wide Web. Those were the days when a 12 inch monitor was the “gotta have” and hard drives were measured in Megabytes and not Gigabytes, like they are today. In that time I’ve worked on creating all sorts of sites, with all sorts of technology – big and small, good and bad.

I’ve had to build websites by hand – sitting there typing out the code from scratch.  There was no FrontPage, no Dreamweaver and definitely no WordPress. I’ve done everything the hard way – literally.  Luckily for you, this means so you don’t have to.

I also worked in Corporate – earning 6 Figures A Year – creating internet sites and applications for the software that the company sold. I travelled all over the world – from South Africa to San Francisco – to train Sales and Support staff on the software, it’s capabilities and the little Ninja tricks that I found I was able to do.

All this has taught be to be able to teach even the least technical person to be able to use software they never dreamed they could. These are the people who “hunt and peck” the keyboard when typing anything, and always ask the same simple question every day, no matter how many times you tell them.  I’ve had to make things as simple as possible, so that even those who can barely turn on a computer can follow along.

This experience turned me into a Jedi Master at making sure anyone can understand any piece of software, with my super simple teaching style.  At the same time programming geeks are able to grab exactly what they need from my training and implement it immediately.

But in the 2 years I’ve been using WishList, there has been one thing I found to be a problem all this time…

There just isn’t any decent training!

That Is Until Now!

The vast majority of the questions I’ve had about what could be done with the software I couldn’t find anywhere. I searched high and low, and eventually had to contact support.

The guys at WishList Support are great people – but it was a delay to my work – and sometimes projects just didn’t get done when they should have. There was just no training, and I had to wait – for what seemed like forever – for an answer from the Support Desk.

And even when I did get an answer, it often created 2 more questions that I needed answering so I could do what I wanted to do!

Sometimes they referred me to a video on the topic, which only did part of the job.

The videos were created from a technical person’s view point. From working with technical developers in the past, I knew exactly what this was like. Because I worked with them before, I was able to translate the information they were looking to get across, see what was missing from the whole picture, and then translate that into English – that everyone could understand.

Do you know which elements in WishList Member that are actually in Beta? You don’t? Well, there are and if you ask any questions about them, Support can’t actually help you because it’s “in Beta”…

This is just one of the many things I learned about WishList Member, and it also took me a number of emails to find out.

Over time, after watching all the videos – and after many emails forward and back with WishList Support, and various other people, I found out all the little tweaks and settings within WishList – and many Ninja Tricks that no one ever talks about.

Everything Just Got Easier…

Introducing WishList Member Tutorials

WishList Members Tutorials

After working with WishList Member for so long and creating so many sites with WishList (and by going through the WishList Member Certification to make sure) I found the most common site types that people are using WishList for and created simple Step-By-Step video tutorials that walk you through setting up your site, from beginning to end.

I take you behind the scenes to my site, and we create the site from the very beginning, adding video, text, audio downloads – you name it – onto your site so that all the bases are covered and you have all the information you need to create your site – no matter what skill level you are at.

Using streaming videos that you can pause at any time as you go through the steps, you create all the pages you need for your WishList Member site to be set up correctly, we then set up your settings in WishList itself, so you’re confident you have everything set up correctly, and we then test your site to guarantee everything is secure and only those who you want to have access to your content actually get it.

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“When I got WishList Member Tutorials I jumped straight in and watched different parts.  I was really excited and had to watch the videos all the way to the end.

I love how the course offers two different complete sets of video tutorials. One set shows the common steps in installing and configuring Wishlist Member on any WordPress website. The other set drills down and teaches the specifics of how to implement the 5 most common Wishlist applications, from protecting a single product or multiple product download (with upsells) to a monthly delivered membership course.

Highly recommended for all skills levels — I guarantee everyone using Wishlist will learn something useful and practical from this product.This no-nonsense, practical, easy to follow training is exactly what’s been missing from the Wishlist Community. If you’ve been waiting to jump in to using Wishlist Member until in-depth training was available, your wait is now over.”

Dennis Rosenberg, Internet Marketing Consultant

Here’s What’s Inside…

WishList Member Quick Setup
WishList Quick Setup

In this section you get up and running as quickly as possible. If you’re looking for a quick set up, these are just for you.

Learn how to:

  • Install WishList Member
  • Add additional timesaving free plugins
  • Set up your memberships
  • Tweak WishList Member the way you want it
  • Adding and securing your content
  • Set up a Login Page on your site
  • Add a login to the sidebar of your site

All in under 26 minutes.

Go from nothing to having your content secured in just under half an hour.  Even if you took your time, had a coffee or two and typed slowly, you could have your site up and running in under an hour – just with this section alone.

This is a quick training on the essentials of WishList Member, and then you can watch the other videos to get more specific information on any other areas you want to explore.

7 Videos – Value $197.00
WishList Member Settings Tab
WishList Settings Tab

Here you get a the full rundown of everything in the Settings Tab.

You find out what all the settings mean, what they do and how they affect your site with the various options you can choose.

Here you discover how to:

  • Hide your content from those who aren’t members
  • Show your content as a teaser to entice people to join
  • Set up your site to automatically display content up to a point
  • Block too many people accessing with the same login details
  • Protect your videos and other files in WishList Member
  • and much much more…

This is the heart of the software and you find out how you can set up your site with the best most efficient structure so your members area is running at its best.

7 Videos – Value $197.00
WishList Member Members Tab
WishList Members Tab

In this training you understand how to manage your members when they join your site.

Here you are able to:

  • Add a member
  • Delete a member, or multiple members at the same time
  • Add different members to another product or membership level
  • Bulk add / import members into your site all in one go
  • Upgrade or downgrade members, as you see fit

It’s all here.

You discover many of the time saving features of WishList for managing your members.

3 Videos – Value $77.00
WishList Member Membership Level Tab
WishList Membership Levels Tab

Here you set up your various Membership Levels or Products on your site.

I reveal:

  • How to set up your memberships efficiently
  • How to set them up so your site runs smoothely
  • How you can set up your site so members need approval
  • How to set up your site for when a trial period is up
  • How to redirect people to custom pages for upsells on your site

This is perhaps one of the most misunderstood but most powerful areas of WishList Member, and you get every piece of information about it so you can add it to your arsenal when setting up your sites.

7 Videos – Value $197.00
WishList Member Sequential Upgrade Tab
WishList Sequential Upgrade Tab

This is the “Content Release/Drip Engine” of WishList Member.

You find out how to:

  • Set up your site so you “drip” your content to your members
  • Have content drip weekly, monthly or however often you want
  • Keep people coming back for more every day, or every week, or every month.

Knowing which settings to use are essential to having your site run all by itself, so you have the least amount of work to do on your site as possible.

Membership sites can be a lot of work, and setting this up right will save you a lot of time and headaches – now and in the future.

2 Videos – Value $57.00
WishList Member Integration Tab
WishList Member Integration Tab

Here you find out how to get paid! This is where you hook up WishList Member to your Payment Processor.Whether it’s

  • PayPal
  • ClickBank
  • 1ShoppingCart
  • Infusionsoft
  • Premium Web Cart

or one of the other payment processors that WishList Member integrates with.You can set up your site easily and quickly with the training inside.

You also set up your AutoResponder so you can keep in contact with your members once they join. Keeping in contact is essential to having happy customers. And you set up your site with your autoresponder here to make sure they stay happy members for a long long time.

Have your site set up and putting money into your account in as little as 7 minutes with this section alone.

5 Videos – Value $127.00
Secure Single Site Setup
WishList Secure Site Setup

Here you get to set up a site for a one off product. Maybe you’re selling an ebook, an audio download, a video training course, or all of the above in one package.

This simple to follow section shows you how to:

  • Create a simple secure product site
  • Add ebooks or software to the site and make sure they’re secure
  • Add video to your site and secure
  • Add audio to your site and secure
  • Be up and running with your site in under an hour

This is perfect for a quick product setup. It’s straight to the point and shows you how to set up your site quickly, even uploading and securing video, audio and downloadable documents.

With this training, your site can be up in less than 54 minutes. Even if you took a break, paused every video with every step, you would have your site ready to take members in a few short hours.

4 Videos – Value $177.00
Multiple Product Site Setup
Multiple Products

Here you learn to set up a slightly more complicated members area. This training is for having multiple products or membership levels on your site.

You discover how to:

  • Set up multiple products on your site
  • Add extra revenue to your sales with Upsells
  • Set up as many products and upsells you want on as many sites as you want

Using little known Ninja Tactics (as this functionality isn’t built into WishList) can all lead to increases of 60% or more to the revenue you make on your site – all from the same number of customers.

This alone could pay for itself again and again and again!

6 Videos – Value $227.00
Monthly Delivery Course Setup
WishList Monthly Delivery Site Setup

If you’re looking to set up a site where you deliver content just once a month, then this training is for you.

This site is perfect for delivering:

  • Monthly interviews
  • Monthly video training
  • Audio of the Month Programs
  • Video of the Month
  • Monthly Workouts…

The list is endless.There are a number of ways to set up a site like this, depending on what you want to achieve. If you’ve got an annual membership with monthly content, or a monthly payment option, the settings can differ hugely.

Get this wrong, and it can cause you problems down the line that you could have easily avoided with the right configuration.

6 Videos – Value $227.00
Premium/Paid Blog Setup
WishList Premium Blog Setup

If you have a blog and you want to add a Premium or Paid Content Membership, this training is perfect for you.

Here you’ll discover how to:

  • Set up your site so you spend less time adding content
  • Lay out your content to arouse curiosity so they “want in”
  • Not only persuade people to join quicker, but can have them wanting more and more from you every month…

You find out how you can tease non members with content on your site and set it up in such a way that because they are wanting what’s “behind the curtain”, they have to join.

Setting your site up with these strategies gets you more people into your site, giving you more money each and every month.

5 Videos – Value $197.00
Free Membership Site Setup
WishList Free Membership Site

Having a Free Membership site is a great way to build a list, build reciprocity and goodwill with those members, so that they buy from you later on, if you want to market to them in some way.

If you’re setting up a community site for free, this works the same.

I’ll reveal how to:

  • Keep out spammers and spamming robots
  • Keep out time wasters
  • Turn away people who only give fake info

You set up your site with a level of security on it so that those who are joining are real people, and not someone who’s wanting to spam your site.

Use WishList’s built in settings to protect you and your members easily and quickly, creating a great community and developing a great relationship with everyone in there.

You can even combine this with the Multiple Product site to create a paid for upsell, and increase your revenue from a “Free” site.

4 Videos – Value $177.00

And That’s Not All…

Not only do I bring you every step of the way through the whole process, I also give you little Ninja “Tricks and Tips” that you can use in setting up your site.

You also receive:

  • Quickstart/Review Videos for each site setup that allows you to quickly recap your settings, or to just get it up and running even quicker… Learn how to set up your site in approximately 15 minutes, with all the settings and step-by-step instructions to get everything set up accuracy and securely. 5 Videos – $347.00 Value
  • Checklists for every site setup to make sure you have everything set up correctly. Check off each step to guarantee you have your site set up correctly. Have your staff or employee use these every time they set up a site so you make sure everything is set up how it should be… $197.00 Value
  • Training to add Upsells and One Time Offers after your initial sale so you can increase your revenue by up to 60% or above… $197.00 Value
  • Training to add secure videos and audios to your site – all without having to be technical in any way. Now anyone can add audio and video easily and quickly – and secure it with WishList Member – all with a few clicks and without knowing any HTML. If you are familiar with websites, accelerate adding videos to sites to literally minutes… $97.00 Value
  • A plugin to copy existing pages like a template and change what you need – making adding content super simple and saving you lots of time – all with a click of a button… $127.00 Value
  • Strategies for giving specific content to members and teasing those who aren’t members to entice them to join. Use curiosity to get more members into your sites by giving them a taster so they “gotta have”.. $147.00 Value
  • Hiding content from view when people log in, to save confusion and make your site more user friendly… $147.00 Value

Value:  $1,259.00

Total Value: $3,096.00

That’s right… $3,096.00 is a more than fair price for everything you’re getting. But you don’t have to pay $3,096.00…

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So What’s Different About This Training?

There are actually many parts of WishList Member Tutorials that are different from any other training out there.

Firstly, our focus is to get your site up and running as quickly as possible. You’re not held back from doing that. When you join, you jump straight in to discovering what you want to know about WishList, and then putting it to work for you.

There is a Quickstart video showing you exactly where everything is. From there you know what area you want to start on, and then you can just go for it. Dive right into the video training that’s right for you, and your site.

Every area of WishList is covered for you. Every link, button and setting is explained. If you ever wondered what something did in WishList, you’ll have it answered here.

I give you all my experience to set you up. You don’t have to worry any more about if you’re doing the right thing or not.

You have WishList Member. This is an amazing piece of software that can do so many things with.

So many people never do anything with the products and the software they buy because they don’t know what to do. They don’t know what that first step is. They get paralyzed with Procrastination and never do anything.

WishList Member Tutorials banishes all of that, and allows you to put the software to work for you, and not be left on the virtual shelf gathering virtual dust. I don’t want you feeling that can’t utilize something that is already yours, just because you don’t know what that first step is, or you’re unsure in some way if you’re going to set your site up right.

Remember when you found that tool that gave you all the answers you wanted? Remember the relief you felt – all the excitement you had, like all your prayers had been answered..?

You may experience that same sensation all over again… 🙂

Get Things Done Faster, Easier, Better!

Now, many people promise this in their products, but don’t always deliver. This is definitely the exception.

WisList Member Tutorials has been designed to make it the Fastest way you can set up your membership sites, Easier than ever before, and definitely Better than before too.

As well as the extensive training on every aspect of WishList Member, and all the training on setting up sites in no time at all, you also get Quickstart/Review Videos for each site type. When you’re done with the training for each site type, you can use it to recap what the settings need to be, and everything else you need to have in place using these quick Review videos.

And if you’re familiar with WishList already, you can use the video to just jump in straight into what settings you need to get going and have your site up in a matter of minutes!

On top of everything else, you also get a full set of Checklists for each site setup too. If you like to check things off a list to make sure everythind is done correctly, then this is just for you.

Every step is laid out for you, so as you go through setting up your site, you can keep track of it and you’ll quickly and easily know if there is any step left out that you need to do to finish your site. This alone can save you hours of testing time and troubleshooting on your site.

Once you know that everything is set up as it should, it leaves no room for error. You set your site up correctly, it’s plain sailing to getting it to work. It really is the closest thing to “Paint By Numbers” that you’re going to get for setting up your Membership Site.

With videos covering every area of WishList Member, this training gets right to what you’re looking for. You can find the exact video you need for the exact solution you are looking for. This super Fast video guide means:

  • Not having to deal with Support…
  • Not needing to look for videos that don’t really work for you…
  • You’re not left frustrated in not getting the right information you need…
  • You aren’t left wondering if you’re doing the right thing…

This also means it’s a lot easier to get the answers you’re looking for, at the time you’re look for them! There’s nothing more frustrating than a problem popping up its head when everyone has gone home and you can’t get an answer from Support.

We’ve all had problems in the past – big and small – and were unable to get any help when we needed it.

Whether it was the car breaking down in the middle of the night, and not being able to get it to a garage til the morning…

Or the heating or air-con breaking down in the house and having to wait – for what seems like forever – for someone to come and fix it. It’s never quick enough. And no matter how many times it happens, it’s always still a pain in the….!

This is why the course has been created in the way it has. I don’t want you to have to suffer that pain any more to get your question answered when setting up you site.

If you have a problem getting your site set up because you don’t know how to set up WishList on a Friday night… Monday is a long way away… and it can be a nightmare!!

Now, I’m not a Support Desk. If your server isn’t working properly, or your shopping cart doesn’t work as it should, this is a problem for them, and you need to contact the relevant support desk for that issue. WishList Member Tutorials is going to get you up and running with WishList Member the quickest and fastest way possible, also giving you peace of mind that you have set up you site properly.

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Geek Not Required!

Geek not requiredNow, you don’t have to be a geek to go through this training. This is exactly why I created it. I know there are many people like you out there who want to be able to use WishList Member in their business, but they’re not sure about what to do as they feel they’re not technical enough to be able to do it properly.

This is why I created each video as simple as possible so you would understand everything. You get to see each exact step I take, every button I press and every page I go to, to set up the site. This way, you can do the exact same on your site, in the quickest time possible.

You don’t even have to know everything about the WishList Member software to get it working for you. All you have to do is to pick the site type that you want to set up, follow the videos and do what applies to you. It’s that simple!

Once you get your site up and running, and want to get a bit more creative, to see what else can be done, you can either pick another set of videos to follow, or even go through the indepth WishList Member training. You can see exactly what every option in WishList Member does and then apply it to your site if you want to.

WishList Member Tutorials is designed to be as flexible as you want. You can follow the Step-By-Step tutorials for each site type – and just follow them and nothing else – or you can go into every nook and cranny and explore eveything that’s under WishList Member’s hood. It’s totally up to you.

It Works If You Are Technically Gifted Too…

If you are technically gifted, WishList Member Tutorials will also work for you too. I’ve gone through every link, button and option within the WishList Member software to show you exactly what they all do, so you can take the information and apply it in any way you want.

You can go through the indepth training in full, or you can pick the bits you want to learn more about. Each area is split up into specific videos for that section and you can pick and choose which videos you want to watch. Find what’s relevant to what you’re looking for – you don’t even have to go through a whole tutorial to get what you need.

If you want to know what the Membership Levels tab does, and how it works, fine, you can do that. If you want to learn more about the Advanced tab within Membership Levels, you can also do that.

If you just want to keep your content hidden until someone signs up for it – no problem – you can do that too…

You can dip in and out any time you want. It’s your reference guide to all things “WishList Member”, and more besides…

You’ll Never Get Stuck

Now, WishList Member Tutorials has been designed to be as easy as possible for you to follow. But, if the need arises that there is one little thing you don’t understand on any video, then you simply just ask. There is a comment form with every video, so you can ask your question about that video there and then. You can also see other people’s questions – if there are any – which can help answer yours.

If you need any extra help with what I’ve done, I’m there to help you. I want you to know how to use the full power of WishList Member and also be able to apply to any site that you want.

If you have a question – no matter how big or small – I’ll do what I can to put you on the right track. By asking your question, you’ll be helping others who have the same question themselves.

Again, I’m not here to answer your issues with your payment processor or your hosting or something like that, but if it’s a common issue about something that everyone is having, I’ll be more than happy to help with that issue. I’ll have more than likely come across it myself, so I’ll share my solutions with you…

Hey, you may have bought at training course in the past and it may not have lived up to expectations. But the thing is, many other intelligent people like you would, and probably have, done the same thing when presented with a similar situation.

It’s because this has happened in the past to people, including myself, that I’m committed to bringing you the best training possible so that you have an awesome experience.

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to be totally happy with your purchase.

If, within 30 days, the training does not help you build a WishList Member site with the training inside, then just email me and I will give you a No Hassle 100% Refund.

All I ask is that you go through the training in full to set up the site you want. If after watching all the videos and you still can’t set up your site, then I will do what I can to help you.

If the site still can’t be set up, then I will gladly refund you.

It Saves You Both Time And Money

Believe me, all together, I’ve spent months emailing WishList Support and waiting for the answers to the questions you probably have. I’ve then taken that knowledge and applied it to make sure it works how it’s supposed to. Most of the time it did as it should, but sometimes it didn’t…

I’ve worked on so many different set ups for Secure and Membership sites, that I know what works, and what doesn’t. Because I’ve used WishList Member from a Marketer’s viewpoint and not a techie’s, I also know what works and doesn’t work in the real world. I share with you my experiences and show you how to maximize your effort on your site, in the quickest way possible.

I’ve taken all that time, effort and experience and put it into this course. You get the insights of how to get your site up quickly and efficiently but also correctly so you are safe in the knowledge that your content is secure and your site is doing the job it’s supposed to.

All the time I spent looking for information, waiting for replies from Support, trying out different things to make sure they worked, cost me weeks worth of time and effort. If I had this knowledge back then when I needed it, I would have easily saved 10’s of thousands of dollars in lost time. I could have set up any number of sites for myself or clients, which would have added nicely to my bank balance. I’m sure you would prefer this rather than losing time and getting frustrated and maybe even very annoyed.

Yes, you can learn about WishList Member by going through all the Support videos… by trial and error.. and by contacting the Support Desk when you can’t figure it out. You can take the long road…

I’ve done it, and there are many people doing it today, and more will do it in the future.

The alternative to having to do all that work, waste all that time and have all that frustration is to join right now and eliminate them once and for all.

You get all the information in one place. You cut and learning curve down from days or weeks, down to literally an hour or two – OR LESS!

It's your Easy Button

It’s All Done For You…

Heavy Lifting is done for you...All the heavy lifting has been done for you.

You don’t have to spend hours – like I did – learning everything there is to learn about WishList Member. You cut straight to what you’re looking for right when you want it, at any time of the day, or night.

This course gives you not only the Step-by-Step tools for you to buil the membership site or secure site that you want, but it’s also a full reference for every element of WishList Member so you can expand your knowledge and come up with other membership site ideas what make life easier, and reward you financially.

Which would you do first? Go for the extensive library to discover everything about WishList, or jump straight into setting up the site of your choice? Or both?

Either way, you will find what you’re looking for inside to make life easier, happier and much more productive.

“So How Do I Get In..?”

When you join, what you will gain is worth $4,267.00, if not more. I could charge half that, and it would easily still be great value.

Heck, you could have me create your site for you… With my prices starting at $2,495.00, I would create a site for you with all the bells and whistles you want. But I can’t do that for everyone. This is why I created the course for you.

I know I can’t get back any of the time I lost while learning everything that has gone into WishList Member Tutorials. But I don’t want you to have to go through the same thing. I don’t want you to have to search for the answers you need, just to get your site up. We can never buy back time, no matter how much we’re willing to pay for it.

But I’m not asking for anywhere near the full cost of the course.

I could easily charge $697.00 for all the training and easily get it. In fact, my girlfriend who has seen me create this whole course, has said to me that I should charge that amount. There is so much time and knowledge gone into the course that it’s easily worth it. She’s also seen me pull all-nighters to get sites finished because I didn’t have the information I needed when I needed it! (I think this is the real reason she wants me to charge that amount! 😉 )

But I wanted to make this was as affordable as possible for you. I wanted you to be able to get your hands on the course, be setting up your site within minutes from now and be safe in the knowledge that you’re doing everything correctly.

I know the pain and frustration of setting up sites and not knowing what’s going wrong or not knowing what to do to get it finished. And since WishList Member Tutorials is brand new, I want to give you the opportunity to get your hands on it at a great introductory price.

So that’s why WishList Member Tutorials today is only $497.00 $197. This offer WILL increase soon.  I’m giving it to you at this great price so you can be one of the first to get this great training.

And as mentioned above you can ask me any question about any video in the course, and I will answer for you. You also get a full 30 Day No Hassle Money Back Guarantee.

  • WishList Member Tutorials complete training with videos covering every button, link and option within WishList Member…
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  • Bonus Quickstart/Review videos that I can use to set up my sites even quicker, or use to recap to make sure my sites are set up properly…
  • Checklists for all the site types so I can quickly make sure everything is checked off and I’m ready to launch…
  • WishList Member Tutorials Quick Start video to show me exactly where I want to go first…
  • Cool bonus videos that will help me be much more efficient when setting up my Membership Sites…

I also have a Risk Free 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. If I’m not satisified with WishList Member Tutorials, I will get my money back – Hassle Free.

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Once your payment has been securely processed, you will be then taken through to a secure page where you create your own personal members account. Once inside you can then go to the option that best suits you to get your WishList Member site up and running as quickly as possible.

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PS- Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced techie – or somewhere in between – WishList Member Tutorials will show you Step-By-Step what to do to get what you want from WishList Member. You get a full reference of every nook and cranny within the software, so you can use it to whatever specification you want.

PPS-  WishList Member Tutorials is backed by our 30 Day No Hassle Money Back Guarantee.I’m so confident that this training WILL get your site up and running quickly – and give you lots more besides. All I ask is that you go through the training and put it to work for you to set up your site. If after you’ve gone through all the training and it doesn’t work for you, then let us know, and we’ll send you a full refund – no harm, no foul.

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